Things You Need to Know Before Choosing an Online Dance Class
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Are you doubting if dance can be learned online? Of course, some people tend to be intimidated by dance and believe that it can only be taught by a professional teacher in a physical setting. It is true to a certain measure, but not entirely true. Technological advancements have led us to freedom and no set rules as to how and where we can learn how to dance. Unsurprisingly, like any other skill, learning dance too is up to the individual and what work they are willing to put into it. 

If you ask us, Caroline Kjeldgaard and Davide Morelli, as professional dancers, and owners at Dance Incubation, we fully support people who want to learn dance through any form of media. If you ask us if you can learn dance online, we’d say YES, YOU CAN. And we’d go on to add that you can learn dance from online dance classes or lessons if you have the discipline for it. There’s nothing in this world that if you really want to learn can’t learn with the help of online classes crafted by professional and experienced teachers. 

There are many people that have a lifelong dream to learn how to dance bachata and there may be some who might have woken up one fine day and decided to learn how to dance but didn’t have the time to go for a dance class. Some people even feel weird about classes being too full of others and just too far from their home. But you should not let this discourage you anymore. 

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Online dance classes for the win!

Online dance classes are the best and just awesome because not only you get to train from the comfort of your home but also get more privacy and more freedom. Not only that, but you also get a bunch of videos to choose from, just in case you do not like some of them.  

Let’s discuss some useful tips to help you make the most out of your online dance lessons experience: 

Live vs. recorded class: Which one is the best? 

With live classes, you can:

  1. Live classes are mostly good because a person or a couple who is attending the class gets immediate feedback. 
  2. They might also get to talk to other dance students and be socially active. 
  3. Some people also tend to see the moves on more bodies other than their own and get inspired. 

With a recorded class, you can:

  1. Recorded classes are great for people who have packed schedules a.k.a busy bees and want to take online dance classes at their own pace. 
  2. It is perfect for beginners with slower pickup. 
  3. If you are a perfectionist, you can repeat parts of it or the entire class, and ace that routine. 

Summing it up, if you are into social aspects of taking a dance class, live classes will be a gift for you. But as a beginner or someone who wants to rekindle the romance in their relationship the online bachata classes that are recorded give a lot more convenience. 

Dance Incubation is offering a free videos series, where you will learn how to move your body in 3 everyday situations. It’s both fun, and a very different take on how you can actually incorporate dancing in your everyday life without taking classes, spend an extreme amount of time OR even leave your house.

Have a dedicated space to dance in your home 

Make sure to have enough space to make your dance moves. Couple or solo, any form of dance, would require you to have enough space for you to not slam your elbow into a wall in the middle of your groove session. And trust us it happens more often than not. 

So regardless of the situation, learning from live online dance classes or recorded dance lessons, create a little dance studio for yourself. Here’s how:

  1. Set up a corner that you can easily use without much hassle so that you do not end up procrastinating to start the class. 
  2. Set up mirrors to check your own movements. 
  3. You can opt for moving the lighter furniture to the edges of your room. 
  4. Have a comfortable space where you can put your tablet, laptop or phone so that you can follow the instructions without any trouble. 

PROTIP: In case you get claustrophobic or feel like you haven’t seen the light of day in forever, which is quite normal to happen since the pandemic has happened, you can change the scenery as and whenever you feel like. Technology works wonders and makes it possible for people to take their dance lessons wherever they want them to go with. 

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Stay accountable to your set scheduled classes

Levelling up as a dancer needs consistency. Only that along with the willingness to have fun can make your skills skyrocket. And if you are not consistent, you might as well lose your progress. 

Whether you are diligent or not, online dance lessons might not feel like a legit commitment. In which case, it’s of absolute importance to have a fool-proof system to make sure you and your partner, if any, are becoming better dancers day by day and week by week. 

It’s easier when you can incorporate dance in life’s simple activities. Like we have mentioned before, Dance Incubation is offering a free videos series, where you will learn how to move your body in 3 everyday situations. It’s both fun, and a very different take on how you can actually incorporate dancing in your everyday life without taking classes, spend an extreme amount of time OR even leave your house.

You can always stick to a schedule if you mark your calendar and set a reminder for yourself for each day. So online dance classes would not only mean less money but also you will have a much easier time sticking to your dance goals. Make sure you devote that time to training and not make any other plans during these times. You can also treat the training time as a job as you wouldn’t skip a day at your job unless you were sick or had another crucial event that cannot wait. 

Partner up 

When you are taking up an online dance class alone it can be quite difficult to stay motivated. So it’s better to involve your partner too. Dances like Bachata allow you to have fun and get intimately close to your partner, both at the same time. Having your partner dance with you will help you stay responsible. The willingness to rekindle the spark in your relationship will also give you even more to look forward to the training time.

You can also give each other feedback. And if not it, you can let each other commit mistakes and have a laugh about it. Laughing and dancing together can bring people closer than they can ever imagine. 

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Have the right mindset

Trying even the easiest of routines, as a beginner, always know that online dance classes for you are of no lesser importance than any other full-fledged routine. In fact, one should climb the ladder step by step, patiently, with the right mindset. So don’t end up thinking any less of your dance lessons and videos and be prepared to be challenged enough by some of the movements. And that’s how you can always have something to chase and learn. Don’t go at learning with high expectations and end up feeling burnt out or frustrated. Before each class, remind yourself how there’s nothing wrong if you don’t kill it the first time. 

Treat dance as therapy 

Dance as a couple therapy is a refresher. If you ever search for activities that are meant to rekindle the spark in your relationship, dance would be it. There are 100% chances of boredom becoming part of your relationship as time passes. If after a long-term relationship you are stuck in a rut, it’s recommended that you infuse dance in the relationship. In such cases, planning a date night with a movie and a dinner later might be very regular, on the other hand, taking a Bachata dance course together would come as a surprise. Breaking out of the routine with Bachata online dance classes can make your heart beat faster and your palms sweat. The beat of the music lifts your spirit. And in any case, whether your relationship is in the rocks or not, if you are experiencing all of this, you and your partner will have a chance to fall in love all over again. 

You won’t be surprised to know that even therapists endorse dance as a form of therapy and have experienced it on their own. They say, “Dance is a flirtatious, sexy, fun and exciting activity. It can bring some of that honeymoon stage energy back to the relationship.”

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Over to you: Practice Practice Practice

Lastly, the one thing that will hold true is that regardless of which type of dance you choose to learn, solo or partner, you have to practice persistently in case of online dance classes. Do not expect to learn dancing and become a great dancer overnight. Be patient and enjoy the process. It’s more about enjoying the journey and not thinking about the destination. The benefits of online dance classes give you the freedom to learn and relearn some things at your own pace, so give yourself the time to develop muscle memory, endurance and excellent technique.

Don’t forget to perform! 

Never be afraid to show what all you have learnt to other people and your family and loved ones. If anything, performing in front of an audience, even if it is 2 people that you are performing in front of, you may receive some constructive criticism. And to top that, you can encourage and become an inspiration for more people to learn dance from the comfort of their homes. 

Never give up! 

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