How Men Who Lead Women Are More Attractive
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Have you ever wondered why men who lead women in dancing seem to have better luck in seducing women?

First off, we all have heard many people not getting over the fact that in some dances, men lead and women follow. Of course, lately, with the flag of feminism flying high (thankfully) and the equality in gender roles have us all vocal and considerate about the equal contribution of women to society. But there are reasons why men need to lead in dancing and women need to follow. One of the most logical ones being — SOMEONE HAS TO LEAD. 

Further, men are usually taller, men and women both prefer it, and in this case, it is not about obeying a command. Neither the leader’s part is that of a reckless dictator nor is the follower’s that of an object slave. Partner dancing is about a great deal of a woman’s contribution to the dance and the leader letting his follower equally shine. And a man leading in dance, or learning dance in the first place, does not make him feminine for women who look for love in masculine men (of course, each gender has different preferences too). In fact, the lead men take in dances or otherwise as a habit of taking it while dancing, is really attractive to most women. 

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Leadership in men seduces women 

Men who lead women are attractive to them. And leadership in men is a way to seduce women. Truth be told, even if a woman is completely unattracted to a man, when a man can get her to follow his lead, holding her hand, and do it well enough, the woman will become his. Many men do this already plenty of times while trying to woo a woman and they are successful.

If, particularly men cannot understand why leading a women plays an important role in their success rate with them, then, they must be missing a lot of opportunities. Because this is one case where men should really use leadership.

Why is leadership that important, you ask? Well, let us help you understand this

Sure, at times, leadership does not work while swooning a lady off her feet, but at times, something just snaps and if a woman decides that the man who is leading her on is ‘perfect’, she might be ready to throw herself in front of tank fire for him. Nowadays, however, it has become more logical. Now women think of such a man as a ‘cool’ person who she doesn’t mind complying so much, so she just goes along with it in the quest of seeing how it goes. 

Of course, now women are more resistant to getting dominated with authority figures than a man is. The game doesn’t really seem the same. But yet the ‘let’s go where it goes’ feeling remains intact among even the women who do not fall crazy in love with men right away. With good-enough leadership, even without any ‘otherwise’ attraction and without the woman feeling that the man’s value is glorified and magnificent, a man can get a woman to agree for at least one date. The rest, of course, also depends on the prestige the man shows through being socially inclusive, sharing knowledge, and showing capabilities. 

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Dominant men are characterized by their behavioural attractiveness

According to an article published on Psychology Today, “Dominant men are characterized by behavioral attractiveness.” They make bold moves. And they often have open and expansive body language. Further, you may also notice that dominant men who lead women on use strong and passionate eye contact. They tend to touch their potential romantic partners confidently. Not to forget, they focus on the masculine features like physique and style which also remain under their control all the time. They will be curious and confident, and thus, will not hesitate from asking what they want directly. There is hardly anyone who does not like the honesty of that kind. 

Women feel safe in the presence of dominant men 

When a man acts like one, women feel safe in their presence. Men can make a woman feel safe by just acting like themselves, easy, isn’t it? Even if in this day and age, men and women are equal, men are genetically programmed to be protectors. In the past, the survival of the species depended on men protecting their women and children from predators. And in all honesty, that instinct is not gone even in the 21st century. 

It is not about knocking down anyone who messes with the lady and rather about making sure that the lady knows the man is there for her. Be it to reach the things that she can not reach or carry the load that is too much for her or even open the car’s door for her and hold the door open when her hands are full, a woman feels safe seeing a man doing all that and even more such things for her. Men! Take notes because you have to get rid of that dead mouse the cat dragged in. So it is recommended that men tap into their inner caveman and not really let him take over completely, but still allow him to make the girl feel safe. 

Men who do what they say they will do gain respect of women 

Dominant men often tend to do what they say they will do as they are bold in their actions. If a man is one of those guys who do not keep their promise, he may never have a chance with any woman, for obvious reasons — no one likes a person who backs out from their promises, let alone women. If a man says he ‘got this’ for her, even if it means leading in dance and keeping your word or it is about telling that you will be home at 5, it is about saying it and then doing it.

Also, men who are not dominant enough, even though they give their word when they fail to speak the truth about failing to keep it, tend to hurt and upset their woman by not expressing it. Promising to do something and then end up not doing is, in fact, the opposite of what we mentioned in the previous point — it makes women feel unsafe and thus is very unlikely to earn men any respect. So dominant men, being fearless, make sure they do what they say they are going to do. This way they allow their woman to feel confident that she can rely on them to always be there for her and make her feel safe. 

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Dominant men are almost always exciting 

Researches even say that when you have a passive but nice partner but they seem to be ‘boring’ to you, that would mean that you are averse to boredom in your life and most likely seek out dominant partners. If a person seeks a high-sensation life, then the seeking of varied, complex, novel, and intense experiences that add to the willingness to take risks for the sake of such experiences, would mean that they prefer dominant partners. 

Most of the women who feel so will often be heard saying, “A very nice man is often boring.” Or even saying, “I like it when the man takes on the leadership role in the relationship.” “I feel attracted to assertive men.” It is very easy to assess if a woman likes dominance or not. They are thrill- and adventure-seeking, they mostly indulge in impulsive behaviours, and they offer chances to seek out new experiences so that they do not become bored and get constant stimulation from other people or activities.

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Men who lead women on make other women/men jealous 

As a man, it is not easy to observe such things — among women it is common to compare how men are treating their friends. We have all had encounters with men who treated their lady dominantly and thus came across as confident, energetic, and even caring. 

When women see other ladies’ men holding doors open, opening car’s doors, pulling out the chair, making the lady walk the safer side of the road, holding hands to show the safer way through the crowd, and so many other activities, they feel jealous. It is charming to have a man do all this. And often women seeing another man than their own being caring and leading on, seek for the same in their relationship. That’s when a woman starts complaining about her man not doing the same. 

Further, when men see other men doing all these activities, it makes them jealous too. It is human nature to feel jealous of another couple being cosy and not having the same thing with your love. 

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Women are impressed by the little gestures

Honestly speaking, every article available for men to know what can impress women mentions that women appreciate the little things. In the middle of a fight, a man manning up enough to say sorry and pull her in his arms to make her stop whining about a situation is enough for a woman to feel safe and secure. 

Sure it can be tempting to look a beautiful woman up and down. Also, the more beautiful the woman is, the harder it is to concentrate on the conversation. But always remember, if she catches a man staring elsewhere when she is talking about what her mom means to her, of course, he will look like a creep, so it’s recommended to look her in the eye — another little yet meaningful thing.

Another thing that women really appreciate and somehow is a piece of cake for men who lead women is to socialize with their friends. When someone decides whether or not to ask a woman out on a date, they evaluate her personality, looks, sense of humour, among other things like her intelligence. Women do those things too. But women while evaluating someone to choose to go out with also think about their potential as partners. 

One of the things that speak volumes about men as a potential partner is their ability to fit into the girls’ social network. Women are attracted to likeable, charming, and social men. These kinds of guys their friends and families will love. It’ll be of crucial importance that a man is able to engage in a conversation with her friends along with working his magic on her. Dominant men are able to impress a lady’s friends and then impress her too. However, it’s not recommended to forget to show that besides being social it’s only one woman they are interested in and it’s her. 

Over to you!

Women who are interested in men love old-school displays of chivalry. Be courteous with acts that might not be common anymore, like helping her put on her coat or hold her from her waist, anything mushy, and the comfort level will automatically increase. 

Learning a few dance steps like the ones that can be used in everyday situations so that you can show dominance and leadership in a relationship to woo your woman doesn’t make you less masculine. It makes you manly enough for women who want to be around a man who knows how to lead them on and studies show there are plenty of women who do. 

Also, do not forget — Dance Incubation is offering a free videos series, where you will learn how to move your body in 3 everyday situations. It’s both fun, and a very different take on how you can actually incorporate dancing in your everyday life without taking classes, spend an extreme amount of time OR even leave your house.

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