Couples Bucket List: 14 Refreshing Activities Married Couples Can Do Together (even from home)
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Marriages are undoubtedly wonderful! Isn’t it nice to have a partner to do things with? Doesn’t it feel great to feel supported all the time? And it sure is a thrill to finally feel secure that you have found the person you are going to spend forever with. It’s like one tick off the couple’s bucket list. 

You might even go on to say that in the initial stages of marriage, it was almost impossible to focus on anything else. Many couples feel so caught up in the marriage that they even happen to forget what it’s like not feeling happy and excited. 

Marriages are not always fun and play

It doesn’t always play out the best way possible though. Sometimes, even though you have found the ONE, you may find that the excitement has faded out with the passing time. The passion might be gone. And one day when you wake up you might discover that you both are no longer in the same zone as before. 

Why do you think that happens? We think it’s because like anything alive, it doesn’t sustain on its own. But is there anything you can do to rekindle the spark and save the sinking marriage? Of course, there is. Just like any other event in our lives, marriage has its own ups and downs which luckily come with solutions that you have to work hard for too. 

So no matter where your marriage is at right now, the bond can always become stronger. Even if sometimes it is very difficult to understand your significant other, let’s be honest, it’s important to understand that no two people are the same. 

Everyone has their own ways of communicating and thinking.

Each half of the full, should be open and attentive to the other individual’s needs and desires.  

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Shaking things up a bit

What happens when a husband and a wife create a “couples bucket list” that successfully blends, their perspectives, unity, and understanding will flow more naturally and in harmony. If you think that your marriage has hit a rut, it’s not something you should panic about. As earlier mentioned, it’s completely normal to have a bump in the road. It, in no way, represents that you and your partner are doomed. 

Relationships do not end just like that. There are tricks to fall back in love and shake things up a bit. So if you’re looking for things for couples to do or a “couples bucket list” that can spice up your relationship experience then you’re one step towards shaking things up right now. Looking for answers to your doubts is the only and right way to find some relatable recourses that can clear them. 

When was the last time you spent quality time with your significant other?

Creating a list of fun activities for couples that you can do with your partner, you must be realizing how common it is to attempt interesting activities and how you must have taken each other for granted for the longest time, till now. Taking each other for granted for sure hurts your relationship.

You must have also noticed how everyday mundane tasks and problems tend to suck the life out of you. If anyone asks you, “When was the last time you spent quality time with your significant other?” The answer would be, “It’s hard to be excited about anything else other than crawling into our beds, with a pint of ice cream or a bag full of crisps.”

But even the most perfect marriages need nourishing. They need to invest a lot of energy into making things work. The next time someone asks you this question, you might also respond with a list of things for couples to do or the activities you do together to spice things up and add a little zest to your marriage routine. It’s time to get grip on the bliss again! 

Couples bucket list (from the comfort of your home): What does it look like?

Struggling into your marriage or not, if the fire has faded, you could use a hobby. Truth is, everyone could use a hobby. After all, hobbies provide a sense of purpose outside the mundane life. Most importantly, HOBBIES ARE FUN. 

Guess what? There are a lot of interesting hobbies for couples too. These hobbies can bring you two closer to each other. Even virtually, at the comfort of your home, there are endless fun couple activities that you can explore. From Italian cooking classes to online dance classes, let’s explore some of the best here: 

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1.   Dance together 

There are partner dances like Tango, Waltz, and the most social dance of 2020, Bachata, that when a couple learns together, they get closer and intimate. They start understanding each other not only through verbal but also non-verbal communication. Even if none of you are a great dancer, learning a new style of dance together should not be intimidating. In fact, dancing together will improve teamwork. You have to work together and be responsive to your better half in order to master the dance form. Not to forget, you will be able to impress your friends and family with your amazing body language too. 

Thanks to online Bachata courses like the one Dance Incubation offers, couples can have fun and increase intimacy from the comfort of their home. 

2.   Raise a dog together

Get ready to adopt a dog and raise it together because if you were looking for an excuse to get a dog, we have prepared one for you already: Even studies show that dog owners are more active and also report lower stress levels than non-dog-owners. What is even greater is that owning a dog can make you more attractive and more sensually active too. Experts say that the presence of a dog in group situations is often synonymous with an increase in cooperation, enthusiasm, trust, and even physical intimacy. Now, how’s that for a great excuse? 

3.   Meditate together

Meditation is as good for your relationship as it is for your mind. Turns out, meditation is a source of balance, peace, and harmony for your relationship — relationship experts seem to agree too. 

4.   Get it going with scrapbooking 

As cheesy as it may sound, scrapbooking, a.k.a. having a chance to relish your best experiences together is a very meaningful bonding experience. So it’s time to collect all the memories, place them in one place, and go down to a nostalgic trip. 

5.   Practice self-care together

Love and relationship coaches suggest that treating yourself together is not only the perfect way to relax and recharge but also is a way to know more about each other. Figuring out which self-care routine works best for the other is a way to know about each other’s pet peeves and favorite things to do for sure. It also is a great way to set aside time to spend together as you can continue to regularly set aside time to indulge in self-care together for the rest of your lives. No harm there.  

6.   Plan video game date nights 

Video games are not best left to bachelors. Even studies show that planning video game date nights and thus playing video games together can reduce stress. Make sure to find a game that you both like though. No matter if the game is about racing cars or wrestling with each other in the ring, playing video games together is an awesome way to relax and unwind.

We don’t think there is anything like a good old-fashioned board game night. It strikes up some playful competition and also forces a break from the Netflix binging. Go ahead, make it something you can do every weekend. 

7.   Go on a “home projects” mission (DIY)

You can renovate, redo, or redecorate any area of the house together. Even building something together is a great way to spend time with each other while also having a common goal you can both feel passionate about. But make sure to choose a task that is manageable and not too tough. The work you’re doing together should be fun and should not get too stressful.

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8.   Massage each other 

Massaging each other is a hobby that can keep both of you feeling good, individually, and about each other, at the same time. It will be a massive win if you take a massage class together and learn how to oil each other up, hit the right pressure points, and thus also improve the sensual energy between the two of you. 

9.   Solve crossword puzzles together 

Solving crossword puzzles together has many benefits. They not only encourage physical intimacy and intellectual stimulation, but they also are a great source of laughter when things go awry. You can solve crossword puzzles together no matter where you are, even while one of you is cooking or is doing the laundry.  

10. Do gardening together

Gardening too is like raising a kid together. It literally helps you grow and create something beautiful together. No matter you are planting flowers or growing your own organic vegetable garden, gardening will help you grow as a couple as well. Experts even go on to say that gardening gives each partner responsibility. It is an activity that gets you outside together away from all other distractions. This is one of the things that couples do together for fun.

11. Cook together

Well, if you both love to eat (who doesn’t?), you must also love to cook together. If you want to turn cooking together into an activity that is not only fun but also a sensual way to reconnect, spend time creating a meal that you both have planned and shopped for. Don’t forget to make it playful with fresh ingredients, music, and wine! Cooking something great together is a sure bet for a good time that can put you both in a great mood. 

12. Craft together  

You can also paint pottery together. Crafting is a fun, healthy, and creative way to be together. If not pottery, you can try out a painting class or even DIY videos to create some new home decor to spice up your space and make it feel new and fresh. 

13. Join virtual classes and workshops every month

Commit to learning about something new every month. Take advantage of virtual lectures, workshops, and classes. There are inexpensive options like  6-week online dance courses, cooking classes, and whatnot available at this point. Not only will you find time to spend together, but you will also be learning something new. This can play a huge role in spicing up the relationship too. 

Boredom is one of the most common relationship killers of married couples. But when the brain learns something new it starts creating new neural pathways that can bring excitement and joy that were missing earlier. Also, you’ll be creating fresh and new experiences that you can scrapbook together later on. 

14. Review your life together

Sometimes it just seems perfect to sit, relax, and take some time to review your life together. Instead of scrapbooking, you can do the lighter version of this activity where you just pull out an old photo album and take a look at your first pictures together. It will fill your heart with joy to see the journey from the beginning and it will also make you value the present. You must have come so far together, haven’t you?

Over to you! 

Every day should be a celebration of your marriage and family. Dance your hearts out. Celebrate the big moments — the first date, the date you got engaged, your wedding day. But do not forget to spare time to create new memories too. 

We often sweep regular life moments under the rug. But life is more about focusing on the little things that give you joy. 

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