Can’t go to a dance class? Benefits of Online Dance Courses Over Physical Dance Classes
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Seems like you want to learn how to dance, Great decision! But you must be struggling to decide which one would be better — an online dance course or a physical dance class? The struggle is real. If this makes you feel any better, there are many people out there who are finding trouble to go to physical dance classes. 

There could be many reasons one cannot go to a physical dance class. With the current times, it’s even more apparent that dance classes are not really a safe option. With nearly all of us confined to our homes, we bet you are slowly trying to adapt to the new normal. The whole world is trying. 

All of us are now forced to find new and creative ways to continue doing what we love. Regardless of what times we have arrived at now, are you feeling the following?

  1. Do you feel like learning to dance but don’t have time to attend an academy?
  2. Do you feel shy to go dance in front of others because you are a beginner? 
  3. Do you want to learn with an artist you love but lives far from home? 
  4. Is your schedule not flexible enough to take up physical dance classes? 

If you feel anything like the above, you should know that you and your partner can learn to dance at home. If you need a proper guide on the benefits of online dance courses for couples, how to look for the ones that you want, and also some tips to learn from online dance courses, etc. there is nothing to worry about! We have compiled everything that will make your decision easier here! 

Thanks to technology now anyone can learn to dance!

Thanks to technology, we have come a long way from Ballet painstakingly learned by watching fuzzy VHS tapes. Over the last few years, a dizzying number of online training programs have cropped up. They offer the chance to take a class in any form of dance from the comfort of your own bedroom, living room, or kitchen. There are many options: Waltz lessons online, Bachata lessons online… etc.

Many dance studios in the world, like Dance Incubation, have embraced the initiative to offer online dance classes of Bachata. While creating an online dance course can be very tricky, Dance Incubation’s online Bachata dance course, however, comes with many benefits.  

How to choose your online dance course?

Before settling for just any online dance course, you have to spend some time researching the type of dance you have chosen. You will get a lot of information on the internet. Your research can be continued to articles about the dance and its benefits. 

You can also ask any of your friends and family members who knows how to dance. Ask them for advice and ask them how they learned to dance. We are going to talk about that later in this article too though. With the best instructional material, you can learn to dance any kind of dance. 

Benefits of an online dance course over physical classes

1. You can learn whenever, wherever 

If having a fixed schedule doesn’t fit your life, an online dance course is the answer. If you can only dance while your kids are asleep, an online dance course is the answer. If you want to save money and not spend it on expensive nannies to take care of your kids while you are away learning to dance and strengthening your bond with your significant other, an online dance is the answer. 

It often happens that with the rigors of performance and rehearsal schedules, couples do not have time to attend classes. Now you can learn Bachata even in your kitchen. There is no need to stick to time management options, because with online dance courses, dance lovers can manage their own time schedule suiting their specific needs and wants. You will be free to choose the schedule that best suits you. An online dance course will give you the flexibility you need.

Online dance courses know no geographical limits.

Distance will never be an obstacle to your online dance classes. You will be able to choose the teachers you want online, even internationally. Ever thought of that? If you want to learn with an international artist who lives miles apart from your home, you’d be able to do that too. 

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2. You can build your self-confidence before dancing in public

Online dance courses do not have the same stressful environment as a physical dance class. For a fact, many people get worked up when learning in groups. Online dance courses allows you to learn at your own pace, rather to learn at everyone else’s pace. Social dances, like any public display of dances, will require you to have a certain degree of confidence in yourself and even a next-level comfort with what you’re doing. So starting to learn dancing at home before hitting it in public is the perfect way to gain some confidence in your own moves.

Social judgement may discourage many people from pushing their limits further. 

This for a fact is much harder to accomplish for some people more than others. It’s perfectly fine if you are one of them. An online course will give you the security of your home without any fear of judgement. You can push your limits this way. So concentrate on what’s most important: keep your rhythm as you execute the fundamentals and enjoy the process. It’s time to kick the stress and have some fun!                                                                                    

3. You will be taking charge of your own learning 

An online dance course teaches you to be responsible for your own learning. It, in fact, is one great opportunity to take ownership of your motivation and energy. You will be applying real strength to drag yourself off the couch and switch from the “free time mode” to “dance mode.”

Self-motivation is a great skill to build. 

With self-motivation, you will be able to practice dancing at home because you will be familiar, comfortable, and well-practised in doing so. Online dance courses is the ideal swap-out for a fitness home-workout if that is not your style. Get the most of these isolated times and set concrete goals. You can even film yourself weekly to track your progress over time. 

4. You will have a physical activity to do 

This one is the most obvious. Probably we do not need to explain how exercise and staying active is of paramount importance. Now more than ever is very important to stay active not only for your physical health but also for your mental health and emotional well-being. 

Dance provides an opportunity to stay active.

Even doctors recommend a minimum of 60 minutes of physical activity per day. Dance ensures both fitness and skills. And couple dances are also known to reignite the spark in any relationship. 

Also not to worry! Online dance courses are as challenging as the physical ones. You will get the chance to break a sweat, burn some calories, and release stress. Moving your body is very necessary for your health.

5. You can learn at your own pace because REWATCHING is an option 

As we have mentioned earlier, physical dance classes can be stressful and they can also be competitive. You may feel like you are way behind the rest of the group. Online dance classes, on the other hand, allows you to learn at your own pace. 

Rewatch the videos as many times as you want. 

Learning at your own pace will help you build confidence. You can at any time pause, rewind, fast-forward the videos. Watching it as many times as you like to get it into your muscle memory will be an option with an online dance course. 

6. You will have plenty of dance styles to choose from 

We’d never imagine having an online dance course a few years ago. Cut to now when the most social dance of 2020, Bachata, can be learnt online. Online courses offer access to every genre imaginable now. You can try couple dances, brush up on a technique, glean some inspiration, and even if you are an absolute beginner who is learning from the privacy of your home, you can always use dance as a bonding experience with your loved one. 

Not only you’ll have a lot of options to choose from but also get a chance to learn a variety of them without wasting a lot of money as online dance courses are way economical compared to the physical ones. 

How to make the most of an online dance course? 

Now that you know what all are the benefits of choosing an online dance course, it’s time for some tips to learn to dance at home. 

  1. The first thing you should be aware of is that the flexibility in your schedule might lead to lack of discipline. But you must be persistent in your commitment to dedicate time to each class consciously as per your schedule availability. You can stick to learning at least twice a week, if not every day. The ideal situation, however, would be to learn to dance a little bit each day. 
  2. Choose a space at your home where you feel the most comfortable. Also, make sure that the space allows you to follow the video of the online dance course clearly. 
  3. Very hard floors to learn dances are not really recommended. If you have a hard floor, you can always cover it with some material to make it more comfortable. Hardwood floors are good to dance on though. 
  4. Make sure to choose clothes that are comfortable. 

Over to you!

If you are still not getting any good at deciding on online dance courses, there’s another way that can keep you motivated: 

Try to listen to the music of the dance form you have chosen. If you do that in your everyday life, outside of your dance classes, you will feel inspired. Not only that, you’ll also be able to find models to follow. 

Always remember: “There are shortcuts to happiness and dancing is one of them.” 

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Dance Incubation

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