Learn How To Create Intimacy In Your Relationships​

Never feel awkward about dancing at family gatherings, weddings and work related parties ever again

“We never danced together before and we were literally two pieces of wood, but we ended up connecting very well with each other and feeling much more confident in ourselves thanks to Davide & Caroline"
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Renata A Farah
CEO of The Mind Bug

Who is it for?

The course is aimed at anyone who wants to create more intimacy in their relationship and possibly have fun with a new hobby in the comfort of their home. We cover everything, so even if you have two left feet or have never danced in your life, you'll be able to quickly jump in.


fall in love with our Structure

Step by step training

We will guide you right from the first step in our course. Our goal is that everyone can follow the materials and learn and have fun at the time

Specific tutorials

For each new step and move you will find a dedicated and detailed video tutorial, showing the steps in slow-motion, from different angles, alone, in a couple and with music.

Yours forever

Once purchased, you will receive access to a back office where the course is hosted. Your Login will never expire which means you can log in and watch and rewatch the videos content how many time you need it.

Total pricavy

One of the cool features with learning with us, is that you are at home in you safe space. Where you dance out of time or step over your partners toes, no-one will know.

Join our community

We have a Private community in Facebook where we are helping each other and sharing our progress. Accountability is an important resource when learning a new skill.

Bonus & music playlist

We have created bonus videos with detailed information for example on how to gain more smooth hip movement. We have also made sure that you have the music you need to dance the sensual Bachata at home.

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Practice makes perfect

  1. We know about your hectic schedule. We also know the only way you truly understand a subject is by practicing it on a regular basis. That’s why we have a practice section with us and the sensual bachata music at the end of each week.

Why learn Bachata dancing?

  • Easy to learn
  • Catchy Rythms
  • The most fun Social dance in 2020
  • Improves your physical and mental health
  • Boost bonding and intimacy with your partner
  • It has no limits! Once you learn the basics, you can start creating your own style and mix and match. Creativity is endless!
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Do You Sometimes Feel...​

… That you are loosing the connection with your partner at home? … You have always wanted to learn how to dance, but never took the first step … You are home in Quarantine during Covid-19 and want to do some activity at home, that can bring joy and laughter … That you want to have more confidence on a dance floor and can swing your lady around easily … That you can’t fit in another activity in your calendar because the schedule doesn’t allow it. Then don’t worry. With us YOU choose when you dance and how much you want to repeat during the weeks.

What you will learn

Start your learning today

So many people have a self-limiting belief that they choose to follow. It doesn’t have to be that way. We are the creators of our own path in life and our self-limiting beliefs should not stop us from living a better life.

"We never really thought of bringing back connection and intimacy through dancing in the comfort of our living room. What a great concept! As a married couple with kids, we hardly have the time to go out on dates and have some grown-up fun anymore. This uplifting, intimate, and fun bachata course solved that issue for us. Caroline and Davide are great instructors and make you feel comfortable right away. We loved how fun and entertaining their lessons are; which was a clear invitation for us to relax, let go and enjoy each other to the beat of a good bachata song."
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Montie & Natalia
Parents of three

Why Join Us?

Hundreds of couples lose that initial sparkle between them, where everyday tasks start taking over and life becomes boring and routine based. Join us and other couples who have put a line in the sand and created space to let the intimacy grow. We will share all our know-how on how to gain intimacy through movement and dancing that has helped hundreds of couples before you...

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Create a new and fun hobby at the comfort of your home

Never feel awkward about dancing at family gatherings, weddings and work related parties ever again

So here is the deal

6 weeks bachata course

Find your initimacy
$ 59
  • 6 Weeks Online Bachata Course
  • 5 Videos released per week
  • Full Music List to listen at home
  • Library of each step filmed in 3 different angles
  • Bonus section: Ladies arms and hips and tutorial for men to lead their ladies and feel more masculine while dancing
  • Access to our membership group on Facebook