7 Tricks On How to Get Your Boyfriend to Pay Attention to You
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Are you having trouble connecting with your soulmate?
For a moment let’s just agree on how there is plenty of relationship advice on the internet. But wonder why they all focus on reverse psychology a wee bit too much?

Whoever says that the tricks on how to get your boyfriend to pay attention to you have to be on reverse psychology has not understood what a relationship means.

It is the 21st century, so it’s time to update our tricks from a nonsense guide that tells us to ignore him to one that rather tells us how to get him to work together on the bond.

What does a healthy relationship look like?

We all have been there. There are both difficult and beautiful times. Sometimes it feels everything is perfect and sometimes it feels like you have to compete with the rest of the world for each other’s time.

A healthy relationship is when you have an individuality of your own while being together. It is about lots of communication and companionship. Above all lies understanding and working together.

A healthy relationship is not a one-way street.

Hope for the best

If you think your boyfriend is ignoring you there could be endless reasons for that. It’s not always the best idea to assume the worst. He might not even know about it in the first place. What if he doesn’t even think that there is something that is bothering you? Maybe he is pulling away due to stress in his life.

Whatever the case is, never assume the worst on your own without putting an effort in the right direction.

Panicking about the situation will only make things worse. You’ll only get even more stressed if you will assume the worst from incomplete data. Clear your head. Take a few deep breaths. It’s time to stop feeling worked up.

Hope for the best.

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It’s time to take control of your relationship and get things back to normal

Before you get to know some amazing and practical tricks on how to get your boyfriend to pay attention to you, it’s kind of equally important to know why you had to do research about it in the first place.

In Gina Senarighi’s words from her book Love More, Fight Less: Communication Skills Every Couple Needs: A Relationship Workbook for Couples,

“If you’re not asking yourself how you’ve contributed to the conflicts between you and your partner, then you’re not being brave in conversations or with yourself.”

A relationship is hard work but hard work can be fun too.

Not only you should be open to communication but also open to initiate a conversation too. Honesty in a relationship indeed is the best policy.

Try to sit your boyfriend down and talk about your feelings. Let him know how important it is for you two to spend time together. What if he wants to let something off his chest too?

It’s always important to be empathetic about each other’s feelings.

7 tricks on how to get your boyfriend to pay attention to you

We all know merely talking it out won’t solve all the problems. But it sure is the first step towards solving them. So once you’re done sharing your feelings, it’s time to consciously make an effort through actions.

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1. Get away together

You can start by setting a date night. Mark a date when both of you can set aside some time to be with each other. Make sure nothing comes in the way of spending that night together. Then continue the ritual every week. Spending time together doesn’t have to be about something fancy or expensive. It’s a way to let each other know that your relationship is a priority for both.

You can take the charge too.

No matter how every woman can always become a fan of a chivalrous man immediately after meeting one, the times have changed now. A woman can take the lead and surprise her man too. You can make the first move and ask him out. It’s fine if you take the charge once in a while. Not only will he feel relaxed and happy, but he will also feel surprised at how you got the reins of planning a romantic date. It’s time to surprise him.

Rekindle the spark.

Sometimes the reason that you feel ignored could be that you are not spending enough time together. So get away together. Apart from a date, you can also get away to a place you’ve never been together at. A place where only the two of you are together will make sure that you both do not ignore each other.

It’s all about a conscious effort.

There’s nothing wrong with the fact that two people have busy lives. But when you consciously set a date, go to a place where only two of you can spend time without ignoring each other, and do not have the constant need to check out social media, that’s when you’ll actually be in a relationship.

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2. Choose activities you enjoy doing together

As told earlier, the date doesn’t have to be about something fancy or expensive. What other activities are there that are not so fancy or expensive and can help you in answering the question ‘how to make your man crave you’?

Have you ever thought of taking a walk together?

Or maybe taking a dance class together?


If you don’t know which activity can bring you two closer than before, you can try as many different things as possible until you find a few which you both enjoy. Be creative. Offer to do things you know he and you both will like. In most of the cases, when the girls choose activities that the boyfriend will like, a loving and compassionate boyfriend does the same too.

Be open to trying new activities.

Don’t forget to be open to the activities that he chooses for you two. Being open to trying things in an attempt to stay together is very important. It shows that you are putting the time you are going to spend together above anything else.

What did you use to do when you first met? Repeating activities that you did in the earlier days of your relationship can always help, which leads us to our next point.

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3. Walk down the memory lane together

Even as an individual when we open photo albums filled with happy pictures from our childhood, it makes us happy and nostalgic. Similarly, you can walk down the memory lane with your boyfriend too.

Prompt conversations about the good memories you have built together. Keep reminding him how you fell for each other.

Mention the qualities that attracted you the most.

Everyone likes to listen to how their lover got attracted to them. As you’ll repeat the story, it will only make your boyfriend nostalgic and will remind him of what he is missing of you and even what you are missing of him.

It will rebuild the rush you two felt when you first met.

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4. Laugh together

On how to get your boyfriend to pay attention to you, there are many tricks shared about reverse psychology. And sometimes they not only sound sadistic but revengeful too.

It’s true that couples really underestimate the level of proximity laughing together on the same things can bring to a couple. Consider binge-watching a comedy series or a funny movie when you get a chance to spend time together.

Why not try to tell jokes to each other? Set a date to only make each other laugh and then end up laughing together. Just that.

Laughter can also bring intimacy.

Laughter can bring physical intimacy too. You must be wondering how? Well, have you tried tickling each other to the point you laugh your hearts out and end up hugging each other? You never know how these things may lead to cuddling.

Tickling is not only an expression of affection and sign of play, but it will also bring physical intimacy between you two.

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5. Dance together

Learn a dance move or two, together. Do not confuse this with becoming an expert in a dance form. Consider it as an opportunity to learn a dance form and be able to spend time with each other.

The dance will bring you close.

Dancing together is a way to connect with your soulmate in a nonverbal way. The plus is that creating a fun and unique hobby doesn’t harm a bit.

Rumor has it ‘couple dances’ have a way to renew the sparkle in a relationship. Bachata is one dance form meant for couples to rekindle intimacy while also raising each one’s individual confidence. The rhythms are catchy and it is also the most social dance in 2020. It also is another way to improve your physical and mental health while also boosting bonding and intimacy with your partner. Bachata is a sensuous dance.

Luckily, you can do it from the comfort of your home. You can take the 6-week Bachata course offered by Dance Incubation.

All you’ll need is to get your boyfriend’s undivided attention.

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6. Don’t forget yourself in the process

Self-love is not just a choice. It is of paramount importance. You can never feel loved if you don’t love yourself.

Is there anything more beautiful than a person brimming with their own authentic joy?

When you practice self-love, you become 3000% more attractive.

Only you know where your true bliss is. Prioritizing yourself is a gift to your partner. The ease that comes to a relationship with individuals who care about themselves enough to put their own happiness first cannot be put into words.

Two individuals even if they are a couple are responsible for their own happiness. We all are responsible to meet our needs on our own. The resulting joy is a gift to a relationship.

It’s ok if you could not spend time because of some tight deadline at work or a busy group project at the college as long as it is not a habit.

Have a life of your own.

Spend hour after hour cuddling, do all the naughty things that you want, but at the end of the day, anyone would like to be with someone who has a life of their own. Don’t you?

Always remain the passionate girl that you are.

Always keep a fire in your heart. have your own purpose and a plan in your head. Live your life on your terms.

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7. Give him your full trust more often

How would you feel if your partner didn’t put his trust in you more often?

We all dislike and resent people who do not put their trust in us. The greatest thing anyone can tell someone they love is ‘I trust you’. Sometimes these words can mean even more than ‘I love you.’

Like any independent individual, man or woman, would not like each their decision questioned, it’s natural for a partner to crave trust too.

Love, but trust even more.

Give your boyfriend the benefit of the doubt. Generous assumptions about how your boyfriend wants to move through his life are one of the best tricks in the book of how to make your boyfriend crazy about you.

Make sure you truly trust the man you are with. If there is no trust, there might also be no respect.

Sometimes fully surrender to the love he makes to you. If he cooks for you, do not criticize his decisions. Not everyone is a great cook.

Always remember that the expression of love doesn’t need logic or justification. Everyone expresses their love differently and we only have to surrender to that way as all of us are different and unique people.

The heart knows nothing of control, it trusts fully, it loves fully.

Over to you!

We hope these tips gave clarity on how to get your boyfriend to pay attention to you.

Do not let your mind wander into judgment, fear, anxiety, or control. Take a deep breath, and soften back to self-love, confidence, and trust. In the moments of choosing, choose to inspire, and motivate. Feel like a queen and he will feel like a king too.

Let the guard off.

Dance away your heart.


“If your heart has been broken nine times, muster the courage to love again for the tenth.”
― Matshona Dhliwayo

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