22 Hobbies for Couples Quarantined at Home to Keep Things Interesting
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Relationships are a series of moments. You can think of relationships as a partner dance; when you dance with a partner, you might end up somewhere different than where you started. But moving from one point to another is not the goal. Dancing together is the goal. Relationships are similar. 

If you focus only on achieving one specific goal and fall short, you’ll be disappointed. As cliche as it may sound, it’s important to focus on the journey of a relationship rather than the destination. You cannot only think of the things that you are going to do as soon as the lockdown ends. 

Can you control the past? No. Can you control the future? No. Can you control the present? A big YES. 

How to focus on the journey of a relationship? 

We all know how we cannot control the past or the future, but what we can do is control the present and live in the moment. It’s about embracing the present, enjoying it, living mindfully, and being aware. One of the best ways to enjoy relationships is to have hobbies for couples at home to strengthen their bond. 

Not only hobbies, but fun couple activities too, will help you strengthen the bond. Have you ever considered making a castle out of Amazon boxes? That’s what we are talking about. It’s about enjoying the journey of relationship with hobbies and activities for couples to do at home that will help you get closer no matter how impossible or weird they may sound. 

While the whole world is being resilient enough to learn new things and find the silver lining even in these trying times, why remain behind? It’s not to say that it is a couple’s productivity contest but rather it is an opportunity to focus on what we may have neglected for far too long in the past. 

Let us help you with some fun and exciting hobbies for couples at home now! 

express our feelings or show a part of us through the song lyrics and its rhythm. It’d be great if you create a playlist for each other with the songs that you think represent your soul or your emotions towards that person. They’ll get a sneak peek of you.    

Plan a themed dinner with a movie or a series

Whenever we see someone eating something in a movie, we feel like eating the same dish too. Why not cook it? Plan a themed dinner with a movie or a series. How about binge-watching The Big Bang Theory and cooking Thai on a Monday? 

Try acrobatic couples yoga out 

With the pandemic hitting, there are people who are creating top-notch courses to help you keep up with new skills and hobbies. Acrobatic yoga is one of the hottest hobbies for couples to pick. We all know a hot couple that we saw on the beach last year. We saw the man effortlessly balancing a woman on his strong and hot shins. It’s time to experience it too, maybe? So instead of envisioning yourself, maybe it’s time to take a course and grab this chance at you and your lover looking like you have always envisioned to look like. 

learn how to move your body in 3 everyday situations. It’s both fun, and a very different take on how you can actually incorporate dancing in your everyday life without taking classes, spend an extreme amount of time OR even leave your house.

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Dance Incubation

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