"We Love Relationships, Self-confidence, Social skills... And We Love Dancing"

It Is Our Mission To Help You Gain Intimacy In Your Relationship Through Learning Social Dancing With Your Significant Other.

Our Goal Is To Help YOU Go From An Absolute Beginner To A Confident Person, Who Feels Good While Hitting The Dance Floor With Your Loved One. Don’t Fret! Even If You Have 2 Left Feet, You Can Learn Dancing And Enjoy All The Benefits That Come With Our Dance Lessons In Hong Kong As Well As Our Online Courses.  


"We never really thought of bringing back connection and intimacy through dancing in the comfort of our living room. What a great concept! As a married couple with kids, we hardly have the time to go out on dates and have some grown-up fun anymore. This uplifting, intimate, and fun bachata course solved that issue for us. Caroline and Davide are great instructors and make you feel comfortable right away. We loved how fun and entertaining their lessons are; which was a clear invitation for us to relax, let go and enjoy each other to the beat of a good bachata song."
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Montie & Natalia

Why Are We So Passionated About This Project?

We see so many people living in a relationship where they are losing the sparkle and the intimacy between them. Lack of communication, both verbally and nonverbally, seem to create a disconnection in otherwise healthy relationships.

Oftentimes circumstances lead to an occasional disconnect in couples. It seems that the magic is gone. The spark can become elusive. That’s when a relationship exists but is not exciting anymore. It can happen to any couple.

And it’s ok, as long as you are willing to put the effort that is required to keep the excitement in the relationship alive alive while you are also regaining your true self. Dancing as a skill doesn’t only increase intimacy between couples. It is a way of living a life filled with self-confidence, physical, and mental health, all at the same time.

What if you could change your relationship from existing to exciting?

Through dancing you could turn around a dull relationship into a box full of surprises. Dance lessons for adults could really do that for you for sure. Let’s imagine what all you could do…

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Through Our Online Dance Online Videos And Lessons, Imagine If You Could:

✔Connect with your soulmate in a nonverbal way
✔Renew the sparkle in your relationship
✔Create a fun and unique hobby at the comfort of your home
✔Learn e new skill that will boost your self confidence
✔Gain mental and physical strength through dancing
✔Improve flexibility
✔Reduce stress in your relationship and otherwise
✔Increase your social improvement and confidence
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Do You Remember How Fun It Was​

When did you last dance around as a kid?

Just freely moving your body around to the music, not caring about what people thought of you.
We have forgotten to bring the kid inside us out , haven’t we? To do things we love — just because. We may sit in bed scrolling through our Instagram feed, we may wonder to ourselves, why aren’t we reading a book instead? At times, we set a deadline and start a conversation and an hour may go by. We realize it’s past our bedtime and we plug in our phone and start the noise machine.

When we were kids, we loved to listen to music, write in our journals (about the boy/girl that we met), read books, learn new skills, draw, play an instrument, sing loudly (even if we were out of tune and flat), dance like maniacs, sit next to streams and just listen, laugh out loud…
We want to recreate that state, but of course turning it up a notch and giving you some intimate moves, to have fun with your partner at home.
Our dance classes for adults from Hong Kong, both Online and Physical, aim to bring all that into reality.
Let’s do this!

Who Are We?


My name is Caroline and I come from Denmark.
I grew up in a big family with 6 children and plenty of animals, so the house was always full of life.
I started dancing at a very young age and got extremely passionate about ballroom dancing at the age of 9. I started practicing daily and decided to follow my passion and dream of becoming a full time dancer thereafter. That meant a lot of sacrifices, dedication and missing out on important family events. But it also meant a lot of travels around the world exploring new cultures and seeing how people do and live in different parts of the world. Extremely interesting and something I truly cherish.
I met Davide in 2011 where we decided to dance together and follow our dreams. We are still currently active professional ballroom dancers and love what we do at the moment, while being very aware that at some point our bodies will feel tired and naturally we would have to stop.
About a year ago I started to understand that true fulfilment in life comes from helping other people. I started this journey of discovering my true self and to understand why I am here and who I could serve.
DANCE Incubation is my lifework and my vehicle to help people go from absolute beginners to feeling comfortable with themselves while dancing.

Caroline Kjeldgaard

Davide headshot

My name is Davide and I come from south of Italy, Calabria.
I am a warmblooded Italian, patriotic and loves to talk, have fun and be surrounded by amazing people.
Family means a lot to me and I spend as much time with them as I can. 
Growing up my family had a difficult time, but they still did anything they could to support my dancing. I knew how much effort it took for them, so it made me become even more disciplined and passionate about making it to the top.
After meeting Caroline in 2011 we decided to never ask any of our parents any support ever again, so we did anything in our power to earn for our dancing career.
Since 2013 we have lived fully from our dancing and it makes me so happy and proud.
Personal Responsibility and Freedom of choice are two of my core values in life and I will do anything to help people step out of their comfort zone and into the beautiful life they deserve.
That is my personal mission in life.

Davide Morelli

What Are Our Online Dance Lessons All About?

We see so many people living in a relationship where they are loosing the sparkle and the intimacy between them. Lack of communication, both verbally and nonverbally, create a disconnection in otherwise healthy relationships.
But what if you could renew that sparkle and that joy you had in the beginning while creating a new and fun hobby together from the comfort of your home?
Imagine doing something truly unique that would boost your confidence and create passion with your significant other, so that you gain intimacy and that feeling of falling in love all over again?
We notice so many people, who feel embarrassed and awkward when the music starts playing at weddings, family gatherings and parties. They somehow seem to get closer and closer to the walls and their eyes are moving faster from side to side. The breath is held high and that feeling of anxiety in the stomach just can’t go away.
But that’s why we are here!
We have created a 6 weeks course of Bachata dancing which you can practice from the comfort of your home, at your own pace, together with your partner. Our goal is not to make you a professional dancer, but rather a dancer that feels confident and can move to the music and create that special connection with your partner, because for us, it is all about the feeling you have while you dance.
We want you to realise that you have got it inside you too. Dancing is not reserved only for the talented, skinny, rich people – dancing is for everyone. Any gender, race, height, type, look or profession!
So if you are up for a challenge, We invite you to create a unique hobby that can boost your relationship, give you some laughs and learn a new skill at the same time, so that you can practice together in a safe space where no-one can see your clumsy feet or missing musicality.
Join Davide and myself, on the inside where we will guide you through, step-by-step right from the beginning.
Click the button and it will give you access so you can start dancing in a minute with our tailored and creative dance lessons from Hong Kong in subtle and crafty online videos.
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