Our Mission Is To Help You Gain Intimacy In Your Relationship Through Social Dancing With Your Significant Other.

We help YOU go from an absolute beginner to a confident person, who feels good while hitting the dance floor with your loved one.

Don’t worry! Even if you have 2 left feet, you can learn dancing and enjoy all the benefits that come with our dance lessons in Hong Kong as well as our online courses.  

What if you could change your relationship from existing to exciting?

What will you get

Danceincubation, bachata course

week 1

In Week 1, we will start up slowly by learning the basic step of bachata dancing making sure we understand how to move with the music and how the man can lead his lady in a easy, fun and comfortable way. We will also have a practise session togeter and show you a little combination which you can practice and have fun with at home

Week 2

We start to understand what intimacy means. It can be uncomfortable exposing the deepest parts of ourselves. Thankfully, you don’t have to do it all at once because developing intimacy is like peeling an onion—it can happen just a little at a time while trust is developed.

Danceincubation, bachata course
Danceincubation, bachata course

week 3

In Week 3 we start touching upon self-Confidence while dancing with our partner. We start by retouching the steps and movements learned in week 1 & 2 but adding more personal style, while finishing the week with nother practice session with music and fun.

week 4

Week 4 is all about Music. How to play with it and understand the structure so you can dance to any Bachata music you find. We also start touching on isolation moves of different bodyparts which makes the steps and the dance more interesting and head turning! The heat is rising!

Danceincubation, bachata course
Danceincubation, bachata course

week 5

Intimacy is something that both men and woman needs so this week is all about letting go of judgement . Let go of your limiting self-beliefs and just enjoy. Show us your vulnerable side – There is nothing more sexy than a man who dares to let their women into them experiencing real closeness.

Week 6

In our last week together we go through the importance of communication. Have you ever head about the 7% - 38 % - 55%-Rule? If not then you are up for a treat that will really help you in all your relationships. We also fire up for the dancing and try new combinations and more sensual and difficult steps, which will let you finish this course on top of your game ready for the next party or dance floor you will come across.

Danceincubation, bachata course
Danceincubation, bachata course


Ofcourse we cannot leave you without an amazing bonus! We will have extra videos of ladies styling of arms and hips helping you style and create elegant and feminine arms. For the men we have a bonus video on how to lead your lady and how to hold your ladies so she feels comfortable in your arms and you will gain her trust forever. Extra bonus with music playlost and a library with each step filmed in 3 different angles to help you if you missed any details during the course.

How you will feel after our course

Whay do they say

What Is Our Online Dance Course All About?

We see so many people living in a relationship where they are loosing the sparkle and the intimacy between them. Lack of communication, both verbally and nonverbally, create a disconnection in otherwise healthy relationships. But what if you could renew that sparkle and that joy you had in the beginning while creating a new and fun hobby together from the comfort of your home? Imagine doing something truly unique that would boost your confidence and create passion with your significant other, so that you gain intimacy and that feeling of falling in love all over again?

So here is the deal

Join our course today and go from an absolute beginner to a confident person, who feels good while hitting the dance floor with your loved one in only 6 weeks.

6 weeks bachata course

Find your initimacy
$ 59
  • 6 Weeks Online Bachata Course
  • 5 Videos released per week
  • Full Music List to listen at home
  • Library of each step filmed in 3 different angles
  • Bonus section: Ladies arms and hips and tutorial for men to lead their ladies and feel more masculine while dancing
  • Access to our membership group on Facebook